Replicating our sucess

Why are some people some people so much better than others in doing one and the same thing? Why do many fail and only some succed in what they set out to do? These are the questions that lead us to study Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP). In short NLP is a result orientated formats allowing us understand, not why things don’t work, but how they do work and then model these beliefs, values and strategies for our own benefit. 

As certified master in neurolinguistic-programming we have the necessary tools to help our clients understand why they struggle in certain areas of their life, may it be professionally or in private. It’s certanly not enough to know what is holding us back, it’s certainly even more important to help our clients change their damaging behaviours, believes and values. In order to get the results you want you need to make the changes necessary. We at EquiValente Coaching act as the necessary catalyst to allow such change to happen. We mediate a transition away from old damaging believes and behaviours torwards new empowering ways. 

The master discipline in NLP is modeling. In fact the way this communication system was first described by its inventors – Richard Bandler and John Grinder, was them modelling a succesfull psychotherapist. 

The great thing about this discovery is, that you can model next to everything – people, strategies, behaviours, businesses. There is so much sucess out there, so why not take what works for others and use it for your own benefit?

Change doesn’t need to be a lengthy process – that’s what ordinary therapists and coaches will often tell you. No surprise, their livelyhoods depends on this believe. Having seen and knowing the rapid and long lasting changes induced by NLP, we at EquiValente Coaching beg to differ.

For us at EquiValente change is what counts and change for us is instant. We do not believe in problems. We believe in solutions

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