EquiValente is getting started!

It was on our minds for a long time now. How to be free and earn a living at the same time? This question cost us many hours of sleep, until today.

From today on, we will take what we learned in our professional and private lives about sales, drop shipping, digital marketing, starting a business and neuro-linguistic-programming and share it with the world.

The first steps aren’t easy. A lot of resolve and perseverance are needed to follow through with the process of liberating ourselves from 9-5 office hours, mismatching values and working for someone else’s goals.

Luckily the republic of Estonia offers people like us the perfect opportunity to give our ideas a corporate vessel. The Estonian e-residency program allows non-Estonian citizens to become e-residents and then start a fully remotely operated EU business.

Naturally that’s perfect for us. Grabbing this opportunity by the horns to offer our services and products remotely and worldwide. The idea behind EquiValente is to leverage our experience to help companies outside the European union offer their services on the biggest single market on the planet with over 500 million potential customers, 30 million businesses.

We are offering our channels for B2C retailers, through drop shipping in our shop and therefore boost their sales. Our digital marketing subscription will help to gain businesses gain better visibility.

With our background in Neuro-linguistic-programming we aren’t just able to directly help sales. We offer tailor made coachings to help create a mindset breeding success.

Sound interesting to you? Then learn more about EquiValente’s Vision and Values to see if we are a partner to help you with yours.