Equi-Valente drop-shipping, consulting and digital advertising

Accessing 500 million customers

As a B2C retail partner we allow our partners to access the single biggest single market on this planet – the European Union, with over 500 Million potential customers. Not only is the European market the biggest, but also are its participants one of the wealthiest. Reason enought for many companies world wide to offer their products and services there through us.

Promoting your business

If you are reading this, chances are that our digital marketing strategy has brought you here. Retailing products from all over the globe requires a lot of specialist knowledge – not only about the products itself, but also about digital marketing. Our time tested digital marketing subscription, a mix of succesfull online-marketing strageties is the fuel bringing our business forward. 

Replicating success

No need to invent the wheel over and over again. Having gone through the process of establishing a sucessful business ourselves, we have the necessary expertise to empower our customers to replicate our sucess and consult them in how to become independent business owners.

Forming a mindset

Believes are what we think is true about the world. In order to reach our goals we first need to take stock of what it actually is that we believe. We need to know what our values are and how these shape our reality. When our endeavours don’t play out the way we would like them to, the root cause often are limiting believes or conflicting values. We offer business and private coaching to resolve these conflicts and help you create the mindset necessary to archieve whatever you set out to do in life.